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Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High School, located in the town of Mayerthorpe, is a modern, well-equipped facility that serves 260 students enrolled in Grades 7 through 12.   Mayerthorpe is a predominately agricultural community with a population of 1,600 and is located 137 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

Our students enjoy the close-knit feel of a small town school that provides the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational experiences.


 We believe

  •  that learning is a priority - students are expected and encouraged to make decisions that will contribute positively to their academic progress 
  • that a variety of educational experiences enhance student learning - we provide a broad array of programming 
  • that students learn in different ways - academic support is provided to students as required - our staff component includes 15 teaching staff, with a part-time designation of a qualified counselor and a special education teacher and 3 educational assistants 
  • that communication is key to student success and student learning is a partnership among the school, students and their families - the school has a variety of processes in place to communicate with parents and parents are welcome and encouraged to contact their child’s teachers


 Our mission

Influencing the Future With Motivated, Hardworking, Successful Students!


Our motto


See Possibility Everywhere


Within and Beyond the Classroom


We offer a variety of programs that include an academic and nonacademic complement of courses for Grades 7 through 12 leading to a full Alberta High School diploma.


In addition to a wide variety of academic courses, program and course offerings include:


  • Grade 7-9 students are scheduled in the five main core classes as well as an additional Math and ELA class to reinforce the skills required in these subject areas. In addition, the students have the opportunity to take option classes throughout the school year.
  • Community partnership programs that complement class curriculum such as the Grade 8 Cool Camp, the Grade 9 PARTY program and the Grade 12 PARTY ON program.
    • Grade 9 students have their academic core classes semestered; writing 2 provincial exams in January and 2 in June.
    • High School Computer and Technology Studies strands offered through classroom instruction as well as an Independent Studies class where students can select courses to work on individually while being supported by a teacher. These courses include:
      • Design Studies
      • Food Studies
      • Information Processing
      • Financial Management
      • Agriculture
      • Forestry
      • Human and Social Services
      • Fabrication
      • Construction
      • Legal Studies
      • Tourism
      • Psychology
      • Forensic Sciences
      • First Aid
  • Fine Arts program including:
    • Art 10-20-30
    • Drama:
      • Students complete Drama 10 then can go on to complete 20 and 30 if they choose.
      • Drama 30 can be used for entrance to some university and college level programs.
      • High School Drama class competes yearly at the Zone Drama Festival and performs throughout the year at school celebrations.
  • Physical Education program that is supported and enhanced by two well-equipped, full-size gymnasiums and a weight room.
    • Grade 7-10 classes are separated by gender and the PE 20/30 classes are co-ed
    • In high school, PE 10 is mandatory and offered for 5 credits
    • PE 20/30 are offered at the grade 11 and 12 level.
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP);
    • RAP is for students who are interested in a trade
    • Students enroll with the Apprenticeship Board
    • Journeyman tradesman must be on the site and student must be paid minimum wage
    • Must be a recognized trade
    • Encouraged for students in grade 11 or 12
    • Students can earn up to 40 high school credits
  • Green Certificate
    • Specifically designed for students who live or work on a farm.
    • Students can earn up to 16 high school credits.
    • Programs include: cow/calf, dairy, feedlot, field crop, sheep, swine, bee keeper and equine.
    • Studying and practical done outside of school hours and testing done in Spruce Grove or Vermillion.
    • Students can register in grade 10 and can complete anytime before graduation.
  • Special Projects
    • Student designs own program and works with a teacher to develop an evaluation scheme
    • Recommended for students in grade 11 or 12
    • Students can receive credit at three levels: Special Projects 10, 20 and 30 and each level is worth 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 credits
  • Work Experience
    • Students have the opportunity to get a job at an approved site and gain some work experience while earning high school credits
    • Students must complete HCS 3000 to do work experience
    • Intent of the program is for career exploration and the development of transferable work related skills.
    • 1 credit for every 25 hours of work to a maximum of 10 credits per work site.
    • Students must work a minimum of 75 hours to get any credit
    • Employers have the option to pay a wage
    • Extensive guidance provided throughout school career regarding post-secondary planning.
      • Grade 7 and 8 explore career options through investigations.
      • Grade 9 students exposed to high school program with Career Counsellor and begin mapping their high school paths. Also offer a Grade 9 parent night to orient parents to the coming high school experience.
      • Grade 10-12 students are counseled at least twice per year, to review and evaluate chosen paths, successes and requirements for post-secondary schools.


Students have many opportunities to enrich their school experience. Additional extracurricular experiences for students are created and supported by staff members who have particular talents or experience to share.  We provide:

  •  student leadership opportunities -  an active Students’ Union plans many activities to enhance the school spirit
  • opportunities to participate in the Drama Club which puts on spectacular student performances, competes at Festivals and performs at the school’s Dinner Theatre
  • a well-developed extracurricular sports program which includes volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross-country running, Edmonton journal games, team handball, golf, track and field and the High School Rodeo
  • a lunchtime intramural program for both avid sports enthusiasts and recreational players
  • opportunities to socialize with staff and students through activities such as the open Badminton time, Jasper Ski trip, school dances, friendly hockey games between staff and students and various fundraising activities.


 Our Student Successes:

  • Scholarship recipients for the 2012-2013 school year received over $40,000 towards post-secondary pursuits. This included $20000 in Rutherford Scholarships
  • The Alberta Accountability Pillar Results consistently report that our high school completion rate exceeds the province by 10-15%.
  • In the past three years, of the nearly 150 students who attended Grade 12 from September to June, only 4 students did not achieve their Alberta High School diploma.